Here are a few poems!!


It's Satyrday night and the stars are bright,
I wish I may I wish I might
I want you to hold me forever,
Please,please don't say never,
I've liked you since day one.
A friendship never to be undone
I trust in you, like you trust in me,
So can't we just let it be?
Just give me a chance to prove I'm right
Give it a try, I'm yours tonight.
It's Saturday night and the stars are bright,
I wish I may I wish I might..



Here I go thinking of you again
Are these feelings ever going to end?
I keep thinking of your gorgeous eyes,
Hearing you tell me no lies
Running my fingers through you dark hair
Laughing and kissing in the summer night air,
I trusted in you like no one I trusted before
you won the key to my heart
and threw it out the door.
You should've been honest from the start.
You could've stopped before you broke my heart.
Now I can't stop thinking of you,
I wonder if you ever think of me too?
Here I go thinking of you again.
I hope one day there feelings will end..



I lie here crying wondering why?
Why can't I live with the angels
in the sky?
I've just been sad for so long,
Will things ever stop going wrong?
If I live with them up there,
I wouldn't have to have a single care.
I could fly among the people I miss and love
If I could live with the angels up above,
So I asked GOD,"can't you show me how?"
He simply replied,"you're not ready,not now.."